28 January 2021 — Weeknote 2 — On vanishing and rainy land

  • Managed to shame/encourage Anna to start writing again, so I feel like my work here is done.
  • Was pondering why I publish these on a Thursday, and I think it’s because I’m still beholden to the old weekly print magazine process, despite having been out of the game for several years now. Back then Tuesday was for going to press then going to the pub; Wednesday was for being hungover and Thursday was for dealing with the reader feedback/litigation when your magazine hit the newsstands. Feel quite heartened that the ghosts of this schedule still haunt my actions. But glad that I’ve got through the period where my body would feel hungover by default on Wednesday, whether or not I’d been out drinking the night before.
  • Got some good sweary feedback at work, which reminded me of my favourite piece of workshop feedback ever (back when we could put Post-its on the walls etc). More (positive) swearing in feedback please. In fact more in general.
A Post-it note reading ‘fuck yeah!’
  • Culinary adventure #1: made some playdough which came out too crumbly. Mum has now sent me her foolproof recipe, which I ate by the pound back in the day.
  • Culinary adventure #2: did a Bar Douro mealkit, which came with a jiffybag of 500ml of vegetable oil to deep-fry the croquetes in. Imagine explaining that to someone pre-lockdown. It was delicious obvs, but as Chris said, I miss when restaurants did this for me.
  • Reading: Good piece on why Millennials/everyone loves Mark Fisher.
  • Listening: Fisher was, like me, an immigrant to the Suffolk coast, and On Vanishing Land evokes the stretch between Felixstowe and the Sutton Hoo burial grounds (which I’d be able to see from my window right now if it wasn’t raining so hard…).
  • Watching: Watched an episode of The Great. Thought it was good.

Writing for @gdsteam. Formerly of @design_week

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