• It’s performance review time, so I’ve been asking colleagues to comment on how I work, which always feels a little like professional thirst-trapping.
  • Potty-trained a child, which honestly felt like my biggest achievement from the past 12 months (at least).
  • Booked a holiday!
  • My parents are meeting their granddaughter (my niece) for the first time this weekend. She’s four months old.
  • Applied for a leadership thing at work — confronting all my uncomfortable feelings about ‘leadership’.
  • Still grossed out by the word ‘non-fungible’.

  • Didn’t get round to doing this last week because I couldn’t quite find the time/headspace. But hey this is digital publishing right, so deadlines don’t matter?
  • This is what we thought when we took Design Week from print to online-only back in the day, and realised that deadlines are far…

I promise I’ll only do this once

Having a running buddy
Individually contributing
Hearing my son reading in the other room
Supporting my colleagues and having them support me


Letting people down by not being available enough
Overcooking the Valentine’s dinner
Worrying about the future
Scratching the car while trying to park

  • Reduced my work hours even more this week as nursery remains closed (snow this time, rather than Covid). Still so thankful to work in a place where I can be flexible like this and it’s yet another reason I’ll never leave GDS.
  • Fewer hours = greater intensity though obvs and…

  • Turns out public shaming is a really effective way of encouraging people to write. Wish I’d known this before.
  • Been thinking about how much I used to rely on intuition when working on stuff rather than drafting big documents or fiddly graphics. Maybe it’s because I was a lot less…

  • Managed to shame/encourage Anna to start writing again, so I feel like my work here is done.
  • Was pondering why I publish these on a Thursday, and I think it’s because I’m still beholden to the old weekly print magazine process, despite having been out of the game for several…

  • Been meaning to do this for a while but kept putting it off due to a mixture of a) being cowed by people who are really good at it (Anna, Chris and Mark) and b) finding writing extremely hard and stressful (despite having done it for a living for roughly…

Angus Montgomery

Writing for @gdsteam. Formerly of @design_week

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